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Faqs For Affordable Rentals In Anaheim



If one of the below "Frequently Asked Questions" does not answer a question that you may have, please contact us at the email address provided with your question. 







Q:  Do you help me pay my rent?
A: No. You are responsible for the full amount of the monthly rent.

Q:   Do I have to pay my own utilities?

A: Yes, depending on the property.


Q:   Do you accept Section 8 Vouchers?

A: Yes.


Q:    How long will I be on the wait list to get an affordable unit?

A:  A referral letter will be mailed to the address on the application when there is a vacancy that meets the

     applicant household size and income for one of the available affordable units.


Q:  How do I know that I am eligible? 
A:  You must meet the income limits indicated below:



  Household Size              Income Limit

            1                               $ 38,820

            2                               $ 44,340

            3                               $ 49,860

            4                               $ 55,380

            5                               $ 59,820

            6                               $ 64,260

            7                               $ 68,700

            8                               $ 73,140


Q: How do I get an application?
A:  In person or download online.



Q:    Where do I turn my application in at?


Mail to:                                   In Person:                                         Email:

Community Development          Anaheim Housing Authority                  affordablehousing@anaheim.net

c/o: Affordable Housing            201 S. Anaheim Blvd, 2nd Floor    

P.O. Box 3222                        Anaheim, CA 92805                      

Anaheim, CA 92803-3222 

Rev. 11/2011