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How To Apply for Affordable Rental Apartments

Rental Enrollment Form

Enrollment Forms are now being accepted for the City of Anaheim's Affordable Rental Housing List.  Depending on apartment vacancies, you may be on an interest list for an apartment.

Enrollees on the list who live and/or work in the city of Anaheim will be given priority consideration for vacancies within affordable housing developments in the City.







Eligibility for an affordable housing unit is partially determined by meeting income requirements based on household size. The income of each household member 18 years of age and older must be verified by a third party, an employer or Social Security Administration, for example. Once approved, income will be certified on an annual basis by the owner/manager and to ensure continued compliance forwarded to the City of Anaheim.

The 2014 Income Guidelines for Orange County are listed below for your information. Please note income limits vary between and within projects, and the exact limit will be specified on the vacancy notices that are mailed out.



New Enrollment 
Download Affordable Housing Enrollment Form

  1. Print form >> click here
  2. Fill out all sections provided
  3. Return form to: 
            Community Development Department
            c/o: Affordable Housing
            P.O. Box 3222
            Anaheim, CA 92803-3222



Current Enrollees  

Download Affordable Housing Update Form

  1. Print form >> click here
  2. Complete section(s) to be updated
  3. Return Form by the following ways:

    By Mail to:

    Community Development Department
    c/o: Affordable Housing
    Box 3222
    Anaheim, CA 92803-3222

    By E-mail to:

    In person by Walk-in:
    201 S Anaheim Blvd, 2nd Floor
    Anaheim, CA

For more information, please call 714-765-4300 x 4810 or email AffordableHousing@anaheim.net.      


Rev. 11/2014