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Council District Map Submissions

Thank you for submitting a map for a four- or six-district city council in the City of Anaheim. This page contains a participation kit, maps of the City and a convenient submission form. If you have any questions, please email mapping@anaheim.net.

English Public Participation Kit

Submission Form English (PDF)

Spanish Public Participation Kit

Submission Form Spanish (PDF)

Advanced users wishing to access Shapefiles, please click here.

*The Public Participation Kit is made up of the spreadsheet and all three pdf maps.  The Central and West Map and East Map contain details not shown on the Whole City Map due to size. Please be sure to download and consult all components when drawing your plans.

Se compone el Public Participation Kit de hoja de cálculo y tres mapas de pdf.  Los mapas de Zona Centro y Occidental y Zona Oriental contienen detalles que no son visibles en el mapa de Cuidad Entera debido al tamaño del mapa.  Por favor descargue y consulte todos los documentos cuando dibuje usted sus planes.