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    Cindy Owens
    Administrative Analyst Emergency Manager
    Anaheim Fire & Rescue
    (714) 765-4051
    E-mail: cowens@anaheim.net

    Steps to become a Fire Department CERT Volunteer

    Basic Volunteer Membership Requirements
    1. Complete a volunteer application 
    2. Take two online training classes offered through FEMA.  Email your certificate to cert@anaheim.net
      1. IS-100  http://training.fema.gov/emiweb/is/is100b.asp 
      2. IS-700  http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/is/is700a.asp 
    3. Complete a fingerprinting background check through the Anaheim Police Department.  Contact our office at (714) 765-6955 or cert@anaheim.net for the background form you will need to bring with you to your appointment.  
    Anaheim CERT Level 1: Team
    • Meet the basic membership requirements
    • Complete the CERT 20-hour FEMA curriculum and provide a copy of your training certificate.
    Anaheim CERT Level 2: Shelter
    • CERT level 1 Requirements
    • Completion of American Red Cross shelter courses
    • Completion of a certified Community CPR and Basic First Aid Course (this course can be taken at the American Red Cross, American Heart Association or through the Office of Disaster Preparedness when available)
    Anaheim CERT Level 3: Mutual Aid
    • CERT Levels 1 and 2 Requirements
    • CERT Mutual Aid Program Training
    • Completion of FEMA Independent study Courses IS-200
    Anaheim Radio Amateur "RACES" Member
    • Basic Membership
    • Copy of an FCC Radio License

    Maintaining Membership

    Recertification of Active Status
    In order to have a functioning and well-trained team of volunteers, active participation is required. It is important that staff get to know you as individuals as well as teams and therefore your active participation is sought throughout the year. Members whose certification expires will move from an active status to an inactive status and may not be activated by the Emergency Management and Preparedness Division or the Emergency Operations Center as a Disaster Service Worker. You may, however, be contacted to participate in training and or events until you regain active status. After a period of 2 years of inactivity, the member will be removed completely as a volunteer at which point a member may need to re-apply to become a volunteer in order to regain active status.

    Annual Recertification Requirements
    Volunteers are expected to participate in annual offerings of meetings, trainings, exercises and actual activations. Volunteers should attend as much as their schedule and service commitments will allow, however, we ask that you at minimum attend the following each year:

    • One quarterly meeting per year[1]
    • Three monthly team site meetings at the fire station, or with the fire crews for your assigned team site per year.
    • One exercise per year
    • 15 hours of time donated throughout the year for any activity, training, or online class.

    While our office will do our best to track activity based on sign-in rosters, monthly timecard reports and activation sign-in sheets, it is up to each volunteer member to track their activity to ensure they are meeting the annual recertification requirements.

    [1] We will make special accommodations for those individuals who may have religious, job, illness or other specific conflicts and are unable to attend on Saturdays.

    Online Training Classes
    A Citizen?s Guide to Disaster Assistance
    Animals in Disaster, Module A
    Animals in Disaster, Module B
    Are You Ready, An In Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness
    Guide to Points of Distribution
    ICS 100 ? Introduction to the Incident Command System
    ICS 100 for Schools
    Special Needs Planning for Emergency Management
    Special Needs Planning Considerations for Service Providers
    Leadership and Influence
    Decision Making and Problem Solving
    Effective Communication
    Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams
    Continuity of Operations Plan Awareness Course
    Introduction to Continuity of Operations
    IS 700 ? NIMS an Introduction
    Emergency Support Function Communications
    ICS-200: ICS for Single Resources
    ICS-800.b: National Response Framework

    Email copy of certification to: cert@anaheim.net for recertification credit.

    *Independent study courses are designed for the adult learner and provide participants the ability to work at their own pace. Average course completion time is 10-12 hours. There are no enrollment fees or charges. Enroll at www.training.fema.gov/EMIweb/IS. Libraries materials rot the independent study courses are available from the Anaheim CERT Program Manager.