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    Contact Info

    Cindy Owens
    Administrative Analyst Emergency Manager
    Anaheim Fire & Rescue
    (714) 765-4051
    E-mail: cowens@anaheim.net

    Thank you for your interest in the Anaheim Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) program, sponsored by the Anaheim Fire Department's Office of Disaster Preparedness.

    RACES members register their skills, qualifications and radio equipment capability and donate their time for training and operational readiness in the event they are needed during a disaster. All radio operators are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. Each RACES member agrees to attend regular meetings and participate in training sessions, donating their time and skills to provide supplemental or emergency communications in the event of a local or widespread disaster.

    The mission of the Anaheim Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) is to provide additional communication support as directed by the Anaheim Fire Department Office of Disaster Preparedness and other government agencies during emergencies within the City of Anaheim and the County of Orange, California.


    Involvement in Anaheim Radio Amateur Communications Emergency Service (RACES) is a 100% volunteer opportunity. The group's operations are guided by an internal organizational structure comprised of RACES members under the auspices of the Anaheim Fire Department Office of Disaster Preparedness.

    The primary purpose of Anaheim RACES is to provide auxiliary or backup communications to the City of Anaheim in the event of a disaster or local emergency. In order to fulfill that purpose and meet our responsibilities, our organization requires a participation commitment by our member volunteers.

    Membership Requirements for Prospective members:
    • Complete and submit an Anaheim RACES application.
    • Successfully complete the applicant interview process.
    • Pass a background investigation/check conducted by the Anaheim Police Department.
    • Provide complete and verifiable history of all volunteer communications experience.