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Mills Act Properties

The City of Anaheim Mills Act Properties

In 1998, a Mills Act contract was awarded to the historic Truxaw-Gervais House even though the City had not yet adopted a local Mills Act program. The Truxaw-Gervais House, located at 887 S. Anaheim Boulevard, is better known as the White House Restaurant.

On December 12, 2000, the Anaheim City Council approved the Mills Act program for the preservation of historic structures in the newly established Anaheim Colony Historic District. Anaheim has the third highest number of Mills Act participants in California behind the cities of San Diego and Los Angeles.

The following are Mills Act achievements that have occurred since:  
1998 1 agreement signed
2001 23 agreements signed (program was only available to the Anaheim Colony Historic District)
2002 23 agreements signed
2003 21 agreements signed
2004 29 agreements signed (including 2 agreements within the new Five Points Historic District)
2005 30 agreements signed
2006 47 agreements signed (including 6 agreements within the new Historic Palm District)
2007 28 agreements signed
2008 20 agreements signed (including 4 agreements within the new Hoskins Historic District)
2009 17 agreements signed
2010 14 agreements signed (including 4 agreements within the new Citywide Program)
2011 9 agreements signed
2012 9 agreements signed
2013 15 agreements signed

Total to date is 286 Mills Act agreements

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