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Consideration Of Street Closure
Consideration of Street Closure
in the City of Anaheim

Department of Public Works
Traffic and Transportation Division
200 S. Anaheim Blvd.
Anaheim, California 92805
(714) 765- 5183

To request consideration of a Street Closure, City of Anaheim, Council Policy requires that the following conditions must be met. Contact the Traffic Engineering Division at (714) 765-5183 for assistance prior to submitting a petition.

  1. A written petition in the form of the attached sample must be filed which summarizes the problem(s) and requests a street closure.

  2. The petition must be signed by at least 85% of all property owners along the street or through route. The street or through route should extend from one arterial highway to another along an alignment which through-traffic may use as a short cut.

  3. The subject route must have residential frontage along at least 50% of its length, in conformance with the California Vehicle Code definition of residential districts.

  4. At least 3,000 daily vehicles currently use the street, unless it is found that conditions exist which would make further consideration appropriate (i.e., measurable public benefit opportunities).

  5. If subject street does not have at least 50% residential frontage and at least 3,000 daily vehicles, no further study of street closure shall proceed except as provided in #4 above. Upon satisfaction of the criteria, the street will be placed on a priority list for further studies.

  6. If the criteria is satisfied, the Traffic Engineer will commence a specific study to analyze accidents, peaking of traffic, area arterial operations and planned improvements, and other traffic characteristics. The study will be terminated if through-traffic is less than 20% of the total and no measurable public benefit can be determined.

  7. Where an organized homeowner's association exists, the Traffic Engineer shall request written documentation of its position prior to any public meeting on the requested street closure.

  8. Emergency services, such as the Police and Fire Departments, must agree to the closure. Their agreement may involve modifications to the proposed closure.

  9. All other City departments shall be consulted. Those departments' agreements may involve modifications to the proposed closure.

  10. All affected utilities and franchisees shall be consulted. Those parties' agreements may involve modifications to the proposed closure.

  11. Should additional right-of-way be required, it shall be obtained by a voluntary dedication and/or acquisition at the expense of the petitioners.

  12. The City Engineer shall provide an itemized cost estimate of the closure and/or closure alternatives, including costs of any mitigation measures or public improvements the City Council determines are necessitated by the closure.

  13. To insure payment by the petitioners, petitioners shall, prior to closure of the street, post a bond or cash in the amount determined by the City Engineer with the City to guarantee the costs of the street closure.

  14. Traffic Engineering will study no more than one street at a time beyond the satisfying of Guideline #5. Petitioners may accelerate study of their request(s) by contracting with an approved traffic consultant to conduct their study. The Traffic Engineering study will include affected neighboring streets and arterials. Each study will be pursued to the point where closure is either recommended or not recommended.


Honorable Councilmembers:

The undersigned are property owners along the _________________ block of
________________________, Anaheim, California, and hereby petition for the street to
be closed to through traffic. This would correct the problem of ____________________

We can attest to the following facts and circumstances in support of our request for street closure:

1. The subject route has residential footage along at least 50% of its length.

2. The homeowner's association, if any, is in support of this closure.

3. Should any right-of-way be required, it will be obtained by a voluntary dedication rather than by eminent domain.

4. The cost of the closure will be borne by the petitioners.

NOW, THEREFORE, the undersigned respectfully request that ____________________
within the City of Anaheim, California, be closed to through traffic.




Dear Resident:

Per your request, please find enclosed a copy of a sample petition requesting a street closure.

The following suggestions will expedite and assist us in processing your petition:

  1. Refer to the sample petition for concept and format.

  2. Specifically address the criteria for implementation of the street closure.

  3. Only one signature per dwelling unit is allowed and must be that of the property owner. Additional signatures from the same residence and/or illegible signatures will not be considered.

  4. The petition must contain signatures representing at least 85% of the dwelling units within the proposed zone.

  5. Please contact Alfred Yalda in Traffic Engineering for proposed petition zone.

When the petition has been properly completed, it should be sent to the Traffic Engineering Department, P.O. Box 3222, Anaheim, CA 92803.

Please be sure that petition signers are aware that completion of the petition does not ensure the implementation of a street closure. The petition assures City staff that a majority of property owners would favor the closure, if implemented. After receipt of the petition, staff surveys the subject area for compliance with the criteria set forth in the ordinance regulating street closure. The request is then presented to the City Council for consideration.

If you require further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (714) 765-5183.


Gary E. Johnson
Director of Public Works
and City Engineer

John Lower
Traffic and Transportation Manager