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Online Business Guide: Licenses and Permits

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City Hall, 1st Floor
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Anaheim, CA 92805
Office: 714.765.5139
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License and Permit Requirements

If you are planning to conduct business in the City of Anaheim, you must obtain a City of Anaheim business license.

Depending upon what type of business you are starting, you may have to obtain additional permits and licenses from Federal, State and Local agencies. For assistance in determining the different types of permits, go to the State of California Cal Gold Website.

Common Permits and Licenses

  • If your business is selling or leasing tangible property
  • Sellers Permit from the State Board of Equalization (800) 400-7115 / website
  • If your business intends to prepare and/or sell food of any type
  • Health Permit from the Orange County Health Care Agency (714) 667-3600 / website
  • If your business will sell or serve alcoholic beverages
  • ABC license from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (714) 558-4101 / website, you will also need zoning approval from the Planning Department (714) 765-5139 / website