how the program works
  1. Anaheim Public Utilities will provide an on-site lighting audit including an analysis of your existing lighting system as well as proposed lighting-efficiency upgrades, an energy cost evaluation, estimated installation cost, incentive amount and more. The program provides incentives of $0.055 per kWh of reduced lighting energy use or $150 per kW of reduced on peak demand, whichever is greater.
  2. Based on the lighting audit findings, you determine what lighting improvements to make and select the vendor of your choice. If you would like, we can assist you with choosing a vendor.
  3. Before beginning improvements, confirm upgrades with Anaheim Public Utilities. Lighting installations must begin within 60 days of approval, and be completed within the following 60 days.
  4. Once completed, an Anaheim Public Utilities representative will come to your site to verify the improvements.
  5. You will receive your incentive check within 30 days of a post-construction inspection and our receipt of a copy of your paid itemized invoices.
Note: Subject to available funds and program limits.