Home Appliance Incentives

You can receive even more for ENERGY STAR central air conditioners, plus cash back for qualifying conservation measures. You save because ENERGY STAR appliances generally meet higher specifications and require less energy, while providing equal or better performance.

Home Incentives Program Advantages
Financial Savings
- We'll provide rebates when you make the switch to water- and energy-efficient appliances and cooling equipment , and install approved high-efficiency household conservation measures. Additionally, you will save from reduced electric and water bills.

Energy Savings - Upgrade to ENERGY STAR appliances and cooling equipment, install our recommended measures and your energy consumption will decrease. On average, you can save 10 percent to 30 percent on your electric bill.

Water Conservation - Use up to 50 percent less water when you upgrade your clothes washer to a high-efficiency appliance and reduce your water bill, while preserving a precious resource.

Environmental Benefits - ENERGY STAR appliances and cooling equipment, along with high-efficiency household conservation measures, can help reduce air pollution, including smog, acid rain and climate change.

Apply Online or by Mail We’ve now made it even easier to apply. Simply complete and print out your application. Or you may request an application from an Advantage Services representative at 939-9020.