benefits that will grow on you

Comfort Inside - Well-placed, mature shade trees can reduce air conditioning use by 10% to 40%, saving money on your electric bill.

Comfort Outside - Concrete, asphalt and glass store and reflect heat. Heat is also generated by vehicles and manufacturing. Combine these factors with a reduction in green spaces and trees, and temperatures can rise as much as 8 degrees. These effects can be offset by nature's own air conditioners - trees. Trees make the air feel cooler by releasing water vapor from their leaves. This cooling effect equals that of five residential air conditioners running for 20 hours.

Added Environmental Benefits - Mature trees have a significant potential to save energy, conserve water and clean the air. Fact is, they can reduce water use of a lawn by 30% to 50%. Further, trees help keep the air healthy by releasing life-sustaining oxygen.

Beautifying Your Surroundings - Just being around trees makes people feel good. These naturally attractive additions to the landscape enhance the community's beauty.