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ANAHEIM, CA (August 19, 2009) - As part of the Sun Power for the Schools program, Anaheim Public Utilities has completed the installation of a 1-kW, pole-mounted solar power system in the play yard at the First Congregational School in Anaheim.  Nine other elementary schools throughout Anaheim will also be receiving these free solar-powered “flags,” which is a great tool for teachers to show students about the benefits of renewable energy. 

Anaheim has always had a strong commitment to exploring renewable sources. The City has installed solar systems on City buildings, encouraged residential customers with a solar buy-down program, educated customers about solar incentives, and is always on the lookout for renewable technologies. 


“The Solar Flag program is a simple yet tangible way for students in Anaheim to learn about the benefits of solar technology,” said Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle.  “Through the demonstration of powering the equivalent of a small residential home, teachers can engage their students in a very practical way.” 


 On August 23 the First Congregational School plans to celebrate its latest campus addition with an event featuring the unveiling of the solar flag, student art and activities, as well as information for parents on how they can use solar in their homes.

“We’re excited to have the first system up and running,” said Pastor Jim Schibsted.  “We’re only too aware that the next generation will be facing big energy challenges – and we want them to know how solar fits into the solution.”


Ten elementary schools were selected out of 70 prospective applicants, based on interest and site possibilities. Teachers at the schools will receive special training and recommendations on how to build science, math and language projects around the “Solar Flag.”  As part of the Sun Power for the Schools program, schools will receive an installed solar energy system at no cost, a California-standards based curriculum that can immediately be integrated into the classroom, and educator training for teachers, curriculum developers, principals, or other key personnel.


EcoMotion, a green consulting firm, brings a wealth of experience to Anaheim Public Utilities in their support role as a facilitator of the Sun Power for the Schools program.


To learn more about how you about how your Anaheim school can apply for a free Solar Flag, visit www.anaheim.net and click on Public Utilities.


ABOUT ANAHEIM PUBLIC UTILITIES For more than 100 years, Anaheim Public Utilities has served Anaheim water and electric customers with low rates and reliable service. Anaheim Public Utilities is Orange County's only publicly owned water and electric utility.

ABOUT ANAHEIM The City of Anaheim, founded in 1857, is one of the nation's premier municipalities and is California's 10th most populous city. Anaheim covers 50 square miles with more than 345,500 residents and more than 2,100 City employees. The municipal corporation's annual budget is $1.3 billion. Anaheim supports a thriving business community with companies such as CKE Restaurants, Inc., L-3 Communications, Pacific Sunwear, and Disneyland Resort. Successful sports franchises call Anaheim home, including Angels Baseball, Anaheim Ducks, Anaheim Arsenal, and the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal winning USA Men's Volleyball team. Anaheim also boasts world-class meeting and entertainment venues with the Anaheim Convention Center, the largest on the west coast, Honda Center, The Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim GardenWalk, and Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Annually, Anaheim welcomes millions of visitors to the city, truly making it where the world comes to live, work and play. For more information, please visit www.anaheim.net.