Community & Youth Centers

  1. Anaheim Fullerton Family Resource Center

    Locate details on the Anaheim Fullerton Family Resource Center.

  2. Brookhurst Community Center

    Looking for a facility to host your banquet, wedding, Quniceañera or meeting?

  3. Downtown Community Center

    The Downtown Anaheim Community Center is conveniently located in central Anaheim.

  4. East Anaheim Community Center

    Operated by the City of Anaheim, the gymnasium is a special place for our community to come together.

  5. East Anaheim Gymnasium

    This award winning facility opened in January 2007 and provides a site for youth and adult sports and fitness programs.

  6. Oak Canyon Nature Center

    Oak Canyon Nature Center is a 58 acre natural park nestled in the Anaheim Hills.

  7. Ponderosa Park Family Resource Center

    Locate details on the Ponderosa Park Family Resource Center.

  8. Miraloma Park Family Resource Center

    One of the three family resource centers that the city currently operates.

  9. Downtown Anaheim Youth Center

    Provides a safe and enriching environment for youth and adults of our community.

  10. West Anaheim Youth Center

    Features a 10,382 square feet gymnasium that seat 676 spectators and is equipped with a full size basketball court, six half courts, and two volleyball courts.

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