Rooms & Features

Assembly Room
This room is 4,000 square feet, divisible into 4 small rooms, with an adjoining courtyard. It Includes all necessary amenities for receptions. An attached kitchen is available upon request.

Visual Arts Room
The Visual Arts Room is 900 square feet of space that host activities such as painting, lapidary, and ceramics classes.

Performing Arts Room
This room is 1,000 square feet designed to accommodate a multitude of activities. Equipped with specialized flooring for dance or theater and an 8 foot mirrored wall with adjustable ballet bar. The room is acoustically treated for optimum sound.

Board Room

Accommodates up to 20 people and is equipped with a coffee area, projection screen, dry erase board, and DVD system.

Weingart & Rotary Club Rooms
Comfortably accommodates 20 to 40 people; complete with coffee bar, dry erase boards, and audiovisual equipment.

Senior Activity Center
Consists of 5,900 square feet of the Downtown Anaheim Community Center complex and is accessible through its own separate entrance or through the main Community Center corridor.

Active Older Adult Program
The City of Anaheim coordinates and implements this program including a variety of classes, social service and assistance programs, recreational programs, a transportation program and a nutrition program. For further detailed program information, please call 714-765-4510

Travel Office
Assists in arranging sightseeing trips, excursions, hotels, transportation, and other travel services for members of the Anaheim Senior Citizens Club. Conveniently located near the Center Street entrance of the Senior Wing, which facilitates easier passenger loading and unloading.

Gift Shop

Cooperative boutique filled with treasures hand-crafted by talented artisans of the Anaheim Senior Citizens Club. Proceeds from the sale of items benefit the Anaheim Senior Citizens Club. 

The Center Gallery
The Gallery provides natural, yet indirect lighting for superior viewing of art. The Gallery accommodates rotating art exhibits produced in a variety of media. For more information, please contact the Cultural Arts Section at 714-765-4422.