Developmental Milestones

The following information offers an at a glance view of how your child’s development unfolds. Remember, development is not a race. What’s important, as a parent is to help your child on their individual path by providing love and support as they grow.
  1. Babies

    Learn the basics for babies feelings and communication development.

  2. Toddlers

    Make the most of playtime. Playtime is special. Not only is it fun, but it is critical to children's development.

  3. Preschoolers

    My curiosity can lead me into off-limits territory. I need you to keep me safe and to help me learn right from wrong.

  1. Kindergarten

    At this stage, children typically read by looking at the printed word, but they often rely on their memory of the story and on the pictures.

  2. 1st Graders

    Through talking with adults, listening to books read aloud, and discussing everyday experiences, they continue to develop the language skills that help them learn to read and write.

  3. 2nd & 3rd Graders

    At this stage, your child begins to focus in depth on the meaning of what she reads, and she uses reading as a way to help her learn many new vocabulary words and concepts.