Business & Investments

  • Reference Solutions
    Reference Solutions is a searchable database that provides contact information
    and data on more than 14 million U.S. businesses and 120 million U.S. households.
    The directory contains verified, accurate data about industries and companies to help you research a potential investment, employer, or service provider; find executives, corporate families and company descriptions.
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  • Gale in Context: Entrepreneurship 
    Provides access to academic journals and magazines perfect for both business school students and entrepreneurs. The database offers content that includes insights, tips, strategies and success stories.  
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  • City of Anaheim Business Resources
    Resources for existing businesses and information on how to start a new business in the City of Anaheim.

  • Anaheim Workforce Center
    The Workforce Center is an innovative one-stop approach to meet the employment demands of both businesses and job seekers. Supported by on-line electronic technology and a network of partner agencies, the Center brings employers and job seekers together at a single point of access. The Workforce Center is located at 290 South Anaheim Boulevard, Suite 100, Anaheim, CA 92805, and they can be reached
    at (714) 765-4350.