Must Read Authors

Goodbye Days
By Jeff Zentner
Carver Briggs had it all. Amazing friends and family and one of the best writers in his school. That all changed when he sent a text to his best friend, then right after he died with other friends in his car. Now Carver  is faced with either a complete breakdown or maybe even prison.
American Street
By Ibi Zoboi
As a Haitian transplant living in Detroit, Fabiola has to navigate much on her own. Not only his her mother being held by U.S. Immigration she has to deal with her grueling cousins, a new school, new neighborhood and even a new romance. But soon enough Fabiola realizes freedom comes with a cost, will she risk it for the American dream? 
City of Saints and Thieves 
By Natalie C. Anderson 
After fleeing the Congo as refugees, Tina and her mother look for a new life in Kenya. They find work for a prominent family, but Tina founds out that their wealth comes from crime and fraud. After her mother is found dead in the study room. Tina is out for revenge. She returns to the house that claimed her mother after living on the streets and part of a gang. But once she steps back into the house, Tina is in for a shocking surprise. 
One of Us is Lying
By Karen McManus
The Breakfast Club turns into a murder mystery in this novel when five strangers walk into detention by only four walk out alive. The one who didn't make it had a plan to expose the rest and their secrets. Now that all of the students  are all suspects, how far will they go to protect their reputation and seal the identity of a murderer?
Always and Forever Lara Jean
By Jenny Han
Lara Jean is having the best year yet. She has a trip to New York City, her father's wedding and attending a college with her boyfriend. But all that changes dramatically. For a girl who hates change will she reconsider everything she thought once before? Or will she change everything she loves after receiving some unexpected news. 
We Are Okay
By Nina LaCour
Marin has left everyone and everything behind. She hasn't told anyone anything from those final weeks in California before she moved to the East Coast to a school in New York. Not even her best friend, Mabel. Now it is winter break, and Mabel is planning to visit. Marin must now face everything she left behind and all that she has run away from and face them with Mabel. 
The Inexplicable Logic of My Life
By Benjamin Alire Saenz
Sal has always felt at home. He has always felt safe with his adoptive gay father and huge Mexican-American family. But now his own past has come to haunt him. With his best friend Samantha he must now face issues of grief, faith and loss. This puts Sal in a place where he must question everything.
You're Welcome, Universe
By Whitney Gardner
Julia releases her creativity when she finds a slur about her best friend across the back of their school. She decides to create a graffiti mural on top of it. She is expelled and treated as the deaf outcast at her school. She continues to do what she loves and paints anywhere she can. But another one takes notice painting on top of her work, is she now in a full on graffiti war? 
The Education of Margot Sanchez
By Lilliam Rivera
Margot is trying to fit at her prep school, but her being grounded and forced to work at her family's struggling grocery store is kind of cramping her style. She is so close to landing that oh so cool beach party invitation from some classmates that Margot will do anything to get her hands on. Even the cute, but annoying, neighborhood boy Moises can't stop her.