District Community Meetings

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What are District Community Meetings?

District Community Meetings are organized by city staff to provide residents across the City of Anaheim's six electoral districts with timely updates. Scheduled in February, June, and October, these meetings cover a range of topics, including municipal services, crime prevention initiatives, election details, and upcoming development projects that might impact residents' daily routines.

The agenda may vary based on district-specific activities. Following the presentations, city staff are available to address residents' questions or receive feedback.

Why attend a District Community Meeting?

District Community Meetings offer residents an invaluable opportunity to remain engaged and connected with their local government. Attendees can interact with city staff from various departments, including Neighborhood Services, Police, Fire and Rescue, Public Utilities, Public Works, and other city partners.

When is the next District Community Meeting?

To find out about upcoming meetings, visit our Neighborhood Services webpage, reach out to our staff at (714) 765-4456, or subscribe to receive notifications from Neighborhood Services. Look out for fliers and display boards at city facilities such as community centers, youth centers, family resource centers, and libraries, where the date, time, and location of all meetings will be posted. Additionally, stay updated through our social media channels, including @anaheimplays on Instagram and our Community Services Facebook page.