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  • An attic exhaust fan will push hot air out one end of the attic space and pull cooler air in at the other end. A cooler attic will help reduce your air conditioning costs.
  • Avoid using a humidifier at the same time your air conditioning is running.
  • Avoid very high or low temperature settings on your thermostat that can waste energy.
  • Clean or replace your furnace and air-intake filters regularly.
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  • Consider installing a programmable thermostat. Set the thermostat controls for low energy use before going to sleep or when no one is at home: air-conditioning 5 to 10 degrees higher and heating 5 to 10 degrees lower.
  • Do not turn your thermostat lower than the desired temperature to cool your home faster. It does not work.
  • Give your central heating and air conditioning system an annual tune-up. Maintaining high efficiency requires proper airflow and refrigerant charge.
  • If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, do your homework before buying. Anaheim Public Utilities offers rebates for new, qualifying ENERGY STAR®-rated, energy-efficient central and room air conditioning units.
  • If you're chilly, put on a sweater or another layer of clothing instead of adjusting the thermostat.
  • In cool weather, set your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit or lower during the day, 55 degrees Fahrenheit or lower at night. For each degree, you’ll save up to 5% on your heating costs.
  • In warm weather, set your air-conditioning thermostat at the highest comfortable setting. A setting of 78 degrees Fahrenheit, rather than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, could cut your energy costs by as much as 30% in addition to conserving electricity supplies.
  • Make sure furniture and other objects do not block air registers or the air return.
  • Protect your thermostat from open windows and drafts.
  • Seal heating and cooling ducts. Leaky ducts can account for over 50 percent of heating and cooling losses. Contact Anaheim Public Utilities for a free leak test of your ducts. We also will help pay a portion of the cost of repairs.
  • Sleep under an extra blanket or 2 at night.
  • Use a portable or ceiling fan to circulate air and make a breeze. Fans cost less to run and use far less energy than air conditioners.
  • You may want to consider installation of an electric heat pump to provide both your heating and cooling needs. Investigate our Advantage Services.