Washer & Dryer

  • Check to see that the outside moisture exhaust of the dryer is open and remove any lint that has collected.
  • Clean the lint filter before drying each load for quickest drying.
  • Don’t add wet items to a load that is partly dried.
Save Energy
  • Don’t open the dryer door unnecessarily. Warm air escapes from the dryer into the room.
  • Don’t over-wash or over-dry clothes.
  • Dry 2 or more loads in a row, taking advantage of the heat still in the dryer from the first load.
  • Dry full loads of clothes, but don’t overfill the dryer. One washer load is 1 dryer load. Clothes should tumble freely.
  • Presoak or use the soak cycle when washing heavily soiled items.
  • Purchase a high-efficiency clothes washer or dryer. Anaheim offers rebates for ENERGY STAR-rated clothes washers.
  • Run full loads or adjust the water level to fit the size of your load.
  • Separate lightweight from heavyweight fabrics for faster, more even drying.
  • Use the correct amount of detergent. Too much will make your machine work harder and use more energy.
  • Wash with warm or cold water rather than hot water when possible.
  • When drying only 1 or 2 items, add several compatible items to ensure proper tumbling and faster drying.