Swimming Pool & Spa

  • Keep your spa or pool covered when not in use.
  • Put the sun to work by heating your pool with a solar cover.
  • Better yet, use the sun to heat water for your pool with a rooftop thermal heating system. The California Energy Commission provides funding for solar thermal heating installations. The typical paybacks for such systems are 4-7 years.
  • Inspect the spa heater annually for scale, mineral deposits or corrosion. Clean if necessary to maximize efficiency.
  • Minimize the use of automatic pool sweeps. Generally 3-4 hours of daily operation is sufficient. Remember, start the sweep at least 1 hour after the pump has started and stop the sweep at least 1 hour before shutting off the pump.
  • Set your pool pump to go on in the evening or early morning. Reset your pool equipment timer to run during off-peak hours.
  • Use a timer to preset the hours you want your pool heated.
  • When closing a pool for the winter, drain all water from the:
    • Filter
    • Heater
    • Piping system
    • Pump
  • Remove the pump motor and store in a dry place.
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