Buying New Appliances

Consider purchasing ENERGY STAR® certified appliances. Since most appliances last a long time, the operating costs over their useful lives are important for you to consider. Here are some important tips that will make you an energy-efficiency star.

  • Ask about energy-saving features and design. Find out about special features, such as thermostat settings or washing and drying cycles. Because of insulation or some other design feature, 1 appliance may use less energy than another comparable unit.
  • Don’t buy a larger or more powerful appliance than you need. Do your homework; make sure the refrigerator or air conditioner you are considering is sized correctly to meet the needs of your residence and your family.
  • Don’t forget to contact Anaheim Public Utilities about our available rebates and incentives by calling 714-408-4161 or view rebates and incentives online.
  • Look closely at those yellow Energy Guide Labels. The yellow label tells you the energy-efficiency rating of the appliance and the estimated annual energy cost. While the rates used on the label may not be exactly the same as Anaheim’s low rates, comparing labels is a pretty good way to help you make smart energy choices. The higher the energy-efficiency level, the higher the savings in terms of future operating costs.
  • Look for the ENERGY STAR. The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR certification designates appliances that meet their higher efficiency standards.