Community Events

  1. 3rd Annual Anaheim Community Info. & Res. Fair

    Learn about the services available in your community.

  2. Children's Festival

    Access location, activities and other details regarding the Children's Festival.

  3. Cinco de Mayo

    Visit the online resource for Anaheim's Cinco de Mayo event and activities.

  4. Concerts in the Canyon

    Learn about the Concerts in the Canyon event and how you can attend.

  5. Fall Festival

    Access details regarding the tradition of the Anaheim Fall Festival and Halloween Parade.

  6. July 4th Celebration

    Access location, parking, and other details surrounding the Anaheim July 4th Celebration.

  7. Pearson Park Amphitheatre

    Since 1933, Pearson Park Amphitheatre has provided high quality family entertainment during the carefree months of summer.