Report Section 8 Rental Assistance Fraud

How do I Report Section 8 Rental Assistance Fraud?

  • Call 714-765-4320 ext. 4762

What is Fraud?

  • Failure to report all assets
  • Subleasing or subletting the unit
  • Allowing unauthorized persons to move in
  • Not reporting when a household member moves out
  • Criminal activity in the unit

Can I Report Anonymously?

  • Yes, but you may also provide your contact information if you wish

How Will I Know the Outcome?

  • All reports of fraud are investigated
  • Anaheim Housing Authority is not able to disclose any findings from fraud investigations
  • Households found to be in violation of program rules will be dealt with according to our 2017 Administrative Plan guidelines
Looking for the City's Fraud Hotline? Click here.