Crime Prevention

  1. Business Watch

    Business Watch is a simple concept of businesses watching out for other businesses, reporting suspicious activity and crime to the police. Business Watch focuses on teaching the business personnel on how to be observant and aware, prevent crime in your business community, and how to report suspicious activity and crime. Businesses working together in cooperation with law enforcement can make one of the best crime-fighting teams around.

  2. Coffee with a Cop

    This is a great opportunity for residents to talk and get to know Anaheim Police Officers in a casual setting where all questions, concerns and comments are welcome. Meetings are typically held in elementary schools throughout the city and give residents an opportunity to build a relationship with officers that work, and have knowledge of what goes on, in the area. Your participation is very important as we work together to make our neighborhoods safe and crime free.

  3. Crime Alerts

    Stay up to date on your neighborhood by signing up for Crime Alerts. It’s quick and easy to subscribe to this service. You can customize your alerts by how often you want them, the area you are interested in and the type of crime that interests you.

  4. Crime Mapping

    Do you want to stay informed and help fight crime in your neighborhood? The Anaheim Police Department partnered with the Omega Group to provide an interactive crime map to help our residents and businesses. The information is provided to promote community awareness and to encourage the use of crime prevention measures to lower and/or stop crime in your area.

  5. Districts

    In order to best serve our community, the Anaheim Police Department divides the city into four districts: West, Central, South and East. Based on where you live or work in the city, you have representatives assigned to assist you. As an example, if you are experiencing long-term problems in your neighborhood, your Crime Prevention Specialist can assist in working with you to remedy the issue.

  6. Dog Walker Watch

    The Anaheim Police Department invites dog walkers to attend a crime awareness program at a local park that encourages dog walkers throughout our community to assist as “extra eyes and ears.” Some of the information discussed at these meetings is personal safety information/precautions to be aware of while walking your pets in and around your neighborhood, observing and reporting suspicious activity and the importance of having a partnership between the community and Police Department.

  7. Flashlight Walk

    Flashlight walks are designed to strengthen neighborhoods, help identify and communicate safety concerns, as well as prevent crime through neighborhood participation. During flashlight walks residents will walk the neighborhood with Anaheim Police officers and discuss any ongoing issues in the area. Participation is very important as we work together to make our neighborhoods safe and crime free.

  8. Home & Business Security Inspections

    The Anaheim Police Department offers FREE Security Inspections to Residents and Businesses in the City of Anaheim. The inspection will include a review of your home or business existing locks, lighting, landscaping and identify any problematic areas where your home or business is unprotected. The inspection typically takes approximately 20-30 minutes. The goal of the Police Department is to enhance your personal protection and safety.

  9. Neighborhood Watch

    Neighborhood Watch is a great way for neighbors to get to know each other and work together, get trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in your neighborhood, implement crime prevention techniques such as home security and security through environmental design and enlist the active participation of citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in your community.