Electric Capital Projects

  1. Direct Buried Cable

    Direct Buried Cable

    This program improves electric service reliability by replacing direct buried cable and upgrading electrical facilities.

  2. Electric Line Extension

    Electric Line Extension

    To improve electric service reliability, Anaheim Public Utilities is installing 2.7 miles of underground power lines, which also provides additional electrical capacity for expansion projects’ three new electrical Switching Stations.

  3. Harbor Substation Project

    Harbor Substation Project

    This new substation will be built with the use of Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) technology allowing the construction to be 30% smaller than a traditional substation.

  4. Katella Line Extension

    Katella Line Extension

    Anaheim Public Utilities is extending additional circuits to serve the new loads at the same time improving system reliabilities in the project area.

  1. Street Lighting Project

    Street Lighting Project

    The Street Light Matching Funds Program, established by Utilities to supplement requests from the community for additional street lights

  2. Yorba Substation Extension

    Yorba Substation Extension

    Yorba Substation, located on the eastern end of the Canyon business area, serves approximately 8,500 customers, including large businesses.

  3. Underground Conversion

    Underground Conversion

    Underground Conversion Program improves the visual aesthetics along the City’s major streets by removing overhead power, phone and cable TV lines.

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