Disney Resort Reading Room

Jane K. Newell, 
Heritage Services Manager

The Heritage Center contains almost a million items organized and cataloged for use by scholars, students and researchers. Trained library personnel are on hand and available to offer assistance.

The collection focuses on the history of Anaheim and its environs, beginning with the American Indians and the early explorers, including Spanish and Mexican land grants, and extends to Disneyland, the Anaheim Angels, Edison Field and the Convention Center, as well as present and proposed land developments. It also contains material on San Francisco in the 1850's and Los Angeles County prior to 1889 when Anaheim was a part of that county.

A partial listing of contents includes:

Los Angeles Vineyard Society records on microfilm 
Family papers of many of the "Colony Founders" 
Anaheim Union Water Co. minutes on microfilm 
Disney Archives* 
Anaheim Union High School District Yearbooks 
Anaheim and Orange County Directories 
Business and church ledgers 
Oral history transcripts of Anaheim residents 
Biography and Information files 
Anaheim Cemetery records on microfilm 
Local Newspapers (1850 to present) on microfilm 
Business Memorabilia 
Municipal documents 
Business records and correspondence 
Books by local authors