Work Release

The Anaheim Detention Facility offers a work release (pay-to-stay) program and straight time (no-fee) program for males and females eligible to serve their court commitment via an alternative sentencing program.  Participants are housed in individual (work release) or dormitory (straight time) sleeping quarters and have minimum contact with all other non-sentenced inmates.  Participants are also provided daily access to a day room, kitchen, showers and phone.

The Anaheim Detention Facility maintains a clean, healthy and safe environment. The advantages offered by the Anaheim Detention Facility are:

  • Anaheim’s central location in Orange County allows convenient access to the greater Southern California area.
  • Anaheim work furlough participants are not required to wear tracking devices while not in the facility.
  • Anaheim allows whatever check in/out times are accepted by the court.
  • Anaheim considers the applicant’s commitment offense and medical condition on a case by case basis.
Participants may accept visitors on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. The visits are non-contact. The work release program costs $150 for the first day and $100 for each day thereafter. There are no fees for the straight time program.  Payment is accepted either in full or in two-week increments with the first two-weeks due on or before the first day of participation. Letters of successful completion are only issued after the required time has been served and all fees have been collected.
Prior to admittance, all participants must:

  • Print the appropriate documents below and bring them to the interview with the Correctional Sergeant.
  • Interview with a Correctional Sergeant to determine eligibility.
  • Complete a Medical Screening Application and have it signed by a licensed physician.
  • Review and sign a contract outlining the Rules of Conduct.
  • Agree to work in or around the facility.

Application Documents

You may call a Correctional Sergeant at (714) 765-1826 for further questions or information.