About Water Quality

  1. A Matter of Taste

    View answers to frequently asked questions about how the city's water tastes.

  2. Drinking Water Disinfection: Chlorine & Chloramine

    Learn how Anaheim Public Utilities disinfects drinking water.

  3. Fluoridation

    Read an update on fluoridation.

  4. Hexavalent Chromium

    Read about the maximum contaminant level (MCL) that was adopted concerning hexavalent chromium.

  5. Home Water Treatment Devices

    Make sure you know important facts about home water treatment devices before you buy one.

  6. Lead & Anaheim Water

    The city of Anaheim continually conducts tests, which you can volunteer to help with, to make sure lead stays out of Anaheim's water.

  7. Metropolitan Water District Fluoridation

    Review more information about the Metropolitan Water District's fluoridation process.

  8. PFOS / PFOA

  9. Pharmaceuticals & Water Supplies

    Find out how pharmaceuticals can affect water supply.

  10. Water Hardness

    Learn more about water hardness and how it can be softened, if desired.

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