Vacation House Check

As an Anaheim resident, you have the advantage of a Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol program (RSVP) in your city. One of the many services RSVPs offer Anaheim residents is vacation checks. If you are going on vacation, notify the Anaheim Police RSVP office to sign up for a vacation check. Trained volunteers will perform a thorough inspection of your property while you are away. Vacation checks include a perimeter check, physical and/or visual check of all doors and windows, verification of vehicles left on the property and verification of any people found on the property. Exterior areas of your home that are not accessible will not be checked. If something appears suspicious, the RSVPs will call for the assistance of a police officer.
To take advantage of this free service, complete a Vacation House Check Application and return it to:

Anaheim Police Department 
Attention: RSVP
425 S. Harbor Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92805

Or contact the RSVP Helpdesk at (714) 765-1987 or