Gemma Smith

My name is Gemma Smith. I have been living in Anaheim for about 8 years. I am a mother, wife, friend and community leader. I love to empower people, because I believe in change. I used to work full time, but about 3 years ago I was laid off, and started to be involved in my children’s education. I started off being a part of the pre-school committee, where I realized the importance of volunteering in our schools. I am part of my PTA and other committees involved in  helping with decisions for our school district. I joined the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council because for me it was a great opportunity to keep helping our community.  I believe change starts with knowledge, teamwork and leadership. To empower our community is my personal goal. I feel proud of myself and I know little by little our Anaheim neighborhoods will be the best.
Smith, Gemma