Planning Services Division Directory

For general zoning and development information or questions, please call (714) 765-5139 or email your questions to:

You may also obtain zoning information on our Planning Division page by clicking on the link below.
Planning Division Page

Planning Services Administration

Staff Member Position Phone Number
Grace Medina Senior Secretary (714)765-5355
Elly Morris Secretary (714)765-5351
Maggie Zaragoza Records Coordinator (714)765-5139,  ext. 5832

Current Planning

Staff Member Position Phone Number
David See Principal Planner (714)765-4948
Scott Koehm, AICP Senior Planner (714)765-5395
Nicholas Taylor Associate Planner (714)765-4323
Wayne Carvalho Contract Planner (714)765-4949
Lucita Tong Contract Planner (714)765-5423
Elly Morris Secretary (714)765-5351

Advanced Planning

Staff Member Position Phone Number
Susan Kim, AICP, LEED ND AP Principal Planner (714)765-4958
Elaine Thienprasiddhi, AICP Senior Planner (714)765-4568
Joanne Hwang Senior Planner (714)765-4968
Andy Uk PT Associate Planner (714)765-5238
Charles Guiam PT Planner (714)765-5149

Planning Information

Staff Member Position Phone Number
Irma Huitron Principal Planner (714)765-4391
Judy Dadant PT Senior Planner (714)765-4945
Lisandro Orozco Planner (714)765-5381
Jose Barriga Planner (714)765-5422
Arlette Kim Assistant Planner (714)765-4959
Sophia Tatlyan PT Assistant Planner (714)765-5380
Jorge (George) Maldonado Planning Aide (714)765-4947
Nicholas Barrera PT Planning Aide (714)765-5230
Michael Solis PT Planning Permit Technician II (714)765-5009
Maggie Zaragoza Records Coordinator (714)765-5139 ex. 5832

Historic Preservation

Staff Member Position Phone Number
Christine Nguyen, LEED AP PT Associate Planner (714)765-4942
Jose Barriga Planner (714)765-5422

Business Assistance Program

Staff Member Position Phone Number
Eibet Olmedo Business Solutions Specialist (714)765-5363
Mary Montgomery Business Solutions Specialist (714)765-5342