FAQs for E-Filers

I have forgotten my password.  What do I do? 
You will want to request a new password.  From the Login for Existing Users page, click “Lost Password.”  Enter your email address that is on file with your filing officer and click Submit.  Your new password will be emailed to you. 

How do I know if I need to complete a schedule?
Review the guideline information to the right of the Schedule page being viewed.  If this does not answer your question, you should contact FPPC at 1-866-ASK-FPPC.  

I do not have any schedules to complete.  Do I have to go through all the schedule screens?
No, but you do need to complete the Cover Page section.  Once the cover page is completed, and you are sure that you do not have any disclosure requirements, click Review Page and continue with reviewing and printing your Form 700, per instructions. 

If I exit the system before completing my e-filing, will I lose all my data? 
No, but when you log back into the system you will see a screen informing you that you have a work in progress.  Click Next (this will land you on the Review Page).  Click on the particular Schedule link where you need to edit or enter new data.  If you have previously entered data on a schedule, the data will be in a grid at the bottom of the screen where you can click the Edit button to make edits or Delete button to delete the information. 

When I click the Review Draft button to generate a .pdf draft of my filing document the .pdf does not open?
Check to make sure you have a .pdf viewer on your computer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader.)  If you do not have a .pdf viewer loaded on your computer the .pdf will not open.  The Review and E-File page contains links to websites to download a free copy of a .pdf viewer.  

Why does the filing that I printed not have a Filing ID number?
Because the filing is only a draft copy.  The Filing ID is only added to the form when you have e-filed your Form 700. 

Can I enter an amendment to one of my filings using the e-filing system?
Yes, the Form 700 may be amended via E-filing, provided the original filing was E-Filed.