Construction Notification

Project Limits Begins Estimated Completion
Santa Ana Canyon Road Rehabilitation
  •  On Santa Ana Canyon Road from 640’ East of Woodcreek Road to Gypsum Canyon Road 
October 2018  December 2018
Blue Gum Street Improvement Project 
  •  Blue Gum Street north of La Palma, Miraloma Avenue east of Blue Gum, and La Cresta Avenue east of Blue Gum
Fall 2018 Spring 2019 
Kraemer Boulevard and Orangethorpe Avenue Rehabilitation
  •  Kraemer Boulevard from Orangethorpe Avenue to 200' south of Ceena Court and Orangethorpe Avenue from Kraemer Boulevard to 700' east of Landfair Street.
Fall 2018 Winter 2018
La Palma Avenue Sidewalk Improvements
  • South side of La Palma Avenue from the East Street intersection to 500 feet west of East Street
Spring 2018 Winter 2018
Rehabilitation and Expansion of Lenain Water Treatment Plant
  •  6751 E. Walnut Canyon Road
Summer 2018 Spring 2020
Lincoln Street Rehabilitation
  •  From State College to Sunkist
Spring 2018 Summer 2018
Underground District No. 50
  • Euclid Street from Broadway south to city limits; Cerritos Avenue from Euclid Street east approximately 1,400 feet
Summer 2018  Summer 2019
Slurry Seal Group #2
  • Ball Road from Beach Boulevard to Dale Avenue; La Palma Avenue from Chrisden Street to Potomac Circle; Santa Ana Canyon Road from Fairmont Boulevard to Mohler Drive
Fall 2018 Winter 2018
Founder's Park Phase 2 & Mother's Colony House Restoration
  •  400 N. West St.
Summer 2018  Fall 2018
Gene Autry Way
  • From 200 feet east of Westside Drive to State College Boulevard; State College Boulevard(West Side) from Artisan Court to Gateway Office
Summer 2018  Fall 2019
Cerritos Avenue Sidewalk Gap Closure Intersection Improvement
  •  From Euclid to 2310 feet east of Euclid Street
Fall 2018 Winter 2018
Orange Avenue Rehabilitation
  •  From Western Avenue to Dale Avenue
Summer 2018 Fall 2018
Citywide Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project
  • On La Palma Ave, Romneya Drive, Acacia Street and Burton Street
Spring 2018  Winter 2018
Calle Principia and Avenida la Vida 8" Water Main Replacement
  • E Calle Principia and Avenida la Vida east of Pathfinder Trail
Summer 2018  Fall 2018
Electric Reliability System Improvement FY17/18
  • 909 S Knott Ave; 120 N Magnolia Ave & 2555 W. Lincoln Ave; Northwood Village Townhouses at N Dresden St; Village Green Townhomes at E Jackson Ave; Woodsboro Ave, Huxford Ln, Millwood Ln; Amberwood St, Birchwood St, Saratoga St
Summer 2018 Summer 2019
Platinum Triangle Electric Line Extension
  • On Katella from 9th St to Haster St; On Haster St from Cerritos Ave to Gene Autry Way; On Gene Autry Way from Haster St to State College Blvd 
January 2018  Summer 2019
South Street Sidewalk Gap Closure
  • East Street to 500' west of East Street
Spring 2018 Fall 2018
Upgrades to PR No. 4 and PR No. 6 
  • Orange Ave and Sherrill St, and Magnolia Ave and Ball Rd 
Spring 2018 Fall 2018
Anaheim Coves Northern Extension Phase II
  • Lincoln Ave to Frontera St
Winter 2017  Spring 2019
La Palma Complex Reservoir Rehab and Pump Station Replacement
  • 1016 N. West St.
Fall 2016 Fall 2018
Yorba Substation 12kV Switchgear and Control Building
  • Substation at La Palma and Kelogg
January 2017 Fall 2018
Anaheim Resort Electric Line Extension Project
  • Cerritos Ave., Anaheim Blvd., Walnut St., Magic Way, Disneyland Dr., and South St.
March 2017 Winter 2018
Underground District No. 64
  • From Eugene Street to Lewis Street
 May 2017 October 2018
Katella Water Main
  • From Disneyland Drive to Haster Street
June 2017 December 2018
Underground District No. 63
  • Lincoln Ave. to Rio Vista
July 2016 February 2019
Anaheim Hills Water Main
  • Anaheim Hills Road from E. Silverspur Trail to Nohl Ranch Road
July 2017 Fall 2018
Equipping of Well No. 59
  • 1607 S. Ninth St.
July 2017 November 2018
Harbor Substation Design Build
  •  Katella Ave. and Zeyn St.
November 2017 June 2019
Underground District No. 62 (Phase 2)
  •  Miraloma from 57 Fwy to Miller
Summer 2015 Fall 2018

  •  Five segments of street surfaces throughout Anaheim. Click link for more info.
From Euclid Street to Alley East of 9th Street
June 2017
  •  Crescent Ave., Loara Ave., and North St.