Homeless Outreach

Mission Statement: To find long term, supportive housing for homeless individuals and families by offering multi-disciplinary, wrap-around services.  


Since 2013, APD has partnered directly with regional law enforcement agencies, Orange County Health Care Agency, and several non-profit organizations in a multi-disciplinary approach to ending short-term chronic homelessness. This collaborative approach has proven successful in reducing the recurrence of homelessness among those who receive and participate in wrap-around services.  Most recently, Anaheim expanded and enhanced our outreach efforts by forming the Community Care Response Team (CCRT) in partnership with City Net. 

Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (P.E.R.T.)

Anaheim’s Homeless Outreach Team also focuses on helping those within the homeless community are provided access to care for illnesses or health issues they may be suffering.  Recognizing that a very significant proportion of the homeless population in Anaheim suffer some form of mental illness, APD’s HLO and H.O.T. Officers have received specific training on interacting with and supporting those suffering from mental illnesses.  In addition, APD has assigned two (2) officers as the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT).  Paired full-time with an Orange County Mental Health Clinician, PERT responds to emergent incidents in the field involving individuals in crisis, as well as to chronic situations wherein the individual’s mental condition is preventing him or her from escaping the cycle of homelessness.  PERT results in the more rapid identification of available bed space and treatment options for those most vulnerable and most likely to generate additional police calls for service.