La Palma Water Complex

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Anaheim Public Utilities is rehabilitating the La Palma Complex. This facility serves the residences and businesses of Central and West Anaheim, providing water supply and peak pumping capacity to fight fires and meet maximum day water demands. The existing facilities include two (2) water storage reservoirs and a pump station that were constructed in the mid 1950’s. 
This Project will install a new liner, replace the roof structure, provide seismic retrofit to the existing 4 million gallon reservoir, replace the pump station building and replace the existing pumps with new, more reliable and efficient units. The Project will also demolish the adjacent 3 million gallon reservoir that is not needed because of other available water storage sites. There is also an on-site, shallow water well placed in service in 1957 that is currently inactive that will be demolished.

Project Updates:

Work Done So far:

  • Demolition of an existing easterly 3-million gallon (MG) reservoir and water pump station 
  • Demolition of an existing steel roof, walls, and columns of westerly 4-MG reservoir
  • Sewer pipe connection on West Street 
  • Abandonment of an inactive well  
  • Backfill of demolished easterly 3-MG reservoir
  • Construction of new walls at westerly 4-MG reservoir

Work Currently In Progress/Upcoming Work:

  • Construction of a new pump station building including installation of electrical equipment, pipes, and pumps. 
  • Installation of onsite drainage system   

Work Remaining To Be Done:

  • Construction of new aluminum roofing system at westerly 4-MG reservoir 
  • Replacement of water pipe lines
  • Installation of new electrical service and control systems 
  • Other site improvements including new pavements, landscape, and security system

Completion Schedule: June 2018

If you have questions or comments regarding the La Palma Complex project, please contact David Kim, Project Manager and Community Liaison, at 714.765.4206 or email.

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