Public Access EV Charger Rebates

Public Access Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Program

Receive Up to $5,000 for Public Access Locations
Receive Up to $10,000 for Schools, Affordable Housing, and Publicly Accessible DC Fast Plug-in locations   

Enrollment period starts September 1, 2017 through November 30, 2017.   

Anaheim Public Utilities is offering Public Access Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebates to Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal customers who install a Level 2 (240-Volt) or higher plug-in electric vehicle (EV) chargers at locations accessible to patrons, multi-family dwelling residents, commuters and visitors. Under this program, Anaheim Public Utilities will reimburse customers for out-of-pocket expenses up to $5,000 per charging station for public access locations, or $10,000 for school, affordable housing, or publicly accessible DC fast plug-in locations (maximum of 4 charging stations). Eligible expenses include the charger purchase price and installation costs. In addition to the rebate, Anaheim will pay the City’s permit application fee for the EV charger.

Find out more by calling 714-765-4250 or email us.
Public Access Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Program Steps:
  1. Apply to receive a rebate by completing the Public Access EV Charging Station Rebate Reservation Form and emailing it to the program manager at
  2. Customers who have been awarded a rebate will be provided a Rebate Reservation Number. If the total number of applications received during the open application window exceeds the Program funding, rebates will be awarded utilizing an electronic lottery process.
  3. Obtain a permit for the installation of your new charger at:
    200 South Anaheim Boulevard, First Floor, Suite 145, Counter 1
    Anaheim, CA 92805 
    Note: Anaheim permit fees, for the EV charging station only, will be paid by Anaheim Public Utilities. If you have any questions about the permitting process please call Building Services at 714-765-5153.
  4. Install your new EV charging station in accordance with the Public Access Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Program Agreement within one year of receiving your Rebate Reservation Number. 
    Public Access EV Charger Rebate Assignment Form 
  5. Fill out, sign, and submit a completed Public Access Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Program Agreement, including all supporting documentation to: 
Anaheim Public Utilities
Public Access EV Charging Station Rebate Program
201 South Anaheim Boulevard, Suite 801, Anaheim, CA 92805

Supporting documents required include:

    • EV Rebate Reservation Number
    • All charging station purchase and installation receipts
    • Copy of Building Department Permit Card showing final sign off
    • W-9 Form filled out by the customer receiving the rebate
    • Current Utilities bill for the same address as the new sub-meter 
Program Agreement: