2018 Candidate List

City of Anaheim - November 6, 2018 General Municipal Election

Vacancies: Mayor (at-large), three (3) Council Member seats voted by-district (Districts 2, 3, and 6) (interactive district boundary map).

Nomination period has closed.

*The following is the list of qualified candidates for the November 6, 2018 ballot. Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot, according to the randomized drawing conducted by the Secretary of State on August 16, 2018. 
MAYOR (At-large)  
Name Ballot Designation  Candidate
Ashleigh Aitken Consumer Protection Attorney  Statement
Cynthia Ward Cemetery District Trustee  Statement
Robert Williams
Emergency Medical Technician Declined
Tony D. Martin (Intentionally left blank) Declined
H. Fuji Shioura Educator Declined
Harry Sidhu Anaheim Business Owner Statement
Lorri Galloway Non-profit Executive Director  Statement
Rudy Gaona Small Business Owner  Declined
Emergency Medical Technician 
CITY COUNCIL MEMBER (District 2) *Council Member
Name Ballot Designation  Candidate
Duane Roberts Teacher Statement
James Derek Vanderbilt* Anaheim City Councilmember Statement
Robert Trimble Licensed Private Investigator Declined
Jordan Brandman Local Businessman/Educator Statement
Donald Bruhns Accounts Receivable Director Declined
CITY COUNCIL MEMBER (District 3)  *Incumbent
Name Ballot Designation  Candidate
Mitch Caldwell Businessman/Roofing Tradesman Statement
Robert R. Nelson
Aircraft Mechanic/Boardmember
Jose F. Moreno* Councilmember/University Professor Statement
Name Ballot Designation  Candidate
Grant Henninger Anaheim Business Owner Statement
Trevor O'Neil Orange County Small Businessowner Statement
 Patty Gaby Teacher Statement