2022 City Measure

The following measure will be placed on the ballot at the November 8, 2022 general municipal election. 

MEASURE J - Anaheim Hotel Tax (click on title to view measure text)
Ballot Language/ QuestionShall the City' s existing Transient Occupancy Tax, which is a tax on persons occupying hotel/ motel rooms, be updated to require online and other travel companies to collect and remit taxes on the full rate charged to guests for accommodations, generating up to $3 million annually to be used for general City services, such as police, fire and emergency response, street maintenance, youth/ senior services and parks, until ended by the voters?
Resolution No. 2022-071Providing for the filing of impartial analysis, written arguments, and rebuttal arguments

(Impartial analysis, arguments and rebuttals are posted on this site during the public review period - see above Notice to Voters.)

MEASURE J - Anaheim Hotel Tax
Impartial AnalysisArgument In FavorArgument Against (none received)

(The deadline to submit a direct argument was July 26, 2022, only an argument in favor was filed)

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