Anaheim Water Facilities

  1. Linda Vista Complex

    Linda Vista Complex

    A 4-million gallon water storage facility, the Linda Vista Complex facility includes a pump station, new tank and general rehabilitation and beautification of the existing site.

  2. Nohl Canyon Storage Tank

    Nohl Canyon Storage Tank

    The Nohl Canyon Water Storage Tank - a planned 10-million gallon, above-ground drinking water storage tank constructed on the site of the existing Olive Hills Reservoir - is one critically important project that improves water quality and service reliability to our community.

  1. Walnut Canyon Reservoir

    Walnut Canyon Reservoir

    Walnut Canyon Reservoir is a 920-million-gallon reservoir that supplies water to homes and businesses in Anaheim’s hill and canyon area.

  2. Water Sustainability Campus

    Water Sustainability Campus

    Anaheim’s Water Sustainability Campus includes the first decentralized small-scale water recycling plant built in an urban environment in Southern California.