2022 Candidate Handbook

(check back for 2024 Candidate Handbook)

The Candidate Handbook (Handbook) is prepared for Anaheim residents wishing to become a candidate for the office of Council Member and can be used as a general guide to assist in facilitating the election process.  The purpose of the Handbook is to provide general information, and is not intended to provide legal advice and should not be used as a substitute for legal counsel; it does not necessarily include all provisions which may affect candidates and does not have the force and effect of law, regulation, or rule. The handbook will include, but is not limited to, the following material, which will be filed by candidates during the nomination period:

  1. Nomination Paper (Each candidate is required to receive no less than twenty (20) and no more than thirty (30) signatures of Anaheim registered voters; with respect to City Council candidates, registered voters must reside in their respective district. A candidate with less than 20 verified signatures will be disqualified, unless supplemental signatures are received and filed prior to the close of the nomination period. The nomination form will be provided by the City Clerk to each candidate during the nomination period.)
  2. $25 nonrefundable filing fee, payable to the City of Anaheim.
  3. Candidate Statement with payment (optional) - 200 word maximum. In addition to the written form, a candidate’s statement must be submitted to the City Clerk on a USB flash drive, which will be provided to you.
  4. Form 700, Statement of Economic Interest
  5. Ballot Designation Worksheet (optional) - If a ballot designation will be submitted, the Secretary of State ballot designation worksheet is required.
  6. Code of Fair Campaign Practices Form (optional)
  7. Statement of Responsibility for Temporary Political Signs
    (copy, original to Department of Transportation)