Leticia Murillo

Neighborhood: Benmore / Canfield

My name is Leticia Murillo. I have been living in Anaheim for 19 years. I am a homemaker and volunteer. I enjoy reading and cooking. My major interests are to serve and help my community by involving myself in any possible community meetings whether educational, community orientated, religious and the Chief's Neighborhood Advisory Council (CNAC), of course. I enjoy being in the council because I have the opportunity to learn and know more about services being offered, strategies to improve my community, and voicing my neighborhood problems.
Murillo, Leticia

Benefits of the Chief's Neighborhood Advisory Council

I obtain satisfaction from volunteering for the last 12 years. Additionally, I enjoy meeting wonderful people in the community meetings. I have learned that the Anaheim Police Department is one of the best. The officers that I have met have shown to be exemplary, dedicated and sacrifice a lot for the community. My biggest accomplishment as a member of CNAC has been being chosen as a community representative. Through this, I have been able to learn the department’s duties, services and I am able to maximally take advantage of the privileges provided. My biggest accomplishment is being a mother and participating as a community representative for my district and to serve my community. I also serve as a representative for English Learner Advisory Committee and president of the District English Learner Advisory Committee.

I have graduated high school and attended college for a year. I am also in the mobile academy of AP and I have been recognized as the strongest leader for Southern California. I find that the best thing about my neighborhood is that the majority of the community is Hispanic and with help with can all be a better community. I believe it is important to be involved with the police department because it is important for my community and we are offered a great opportunity to grow.