Residential Electrical Panel Upgrade

Approval Requirements:

The following permit is required to install an Electrical Service Panel Upgrade

  • ELECTRICAL PERMIT which can be obtained online

Note – our online process allows for electronic signature on all forms, applications and other documentation to be used in lieu of a wet signature


Meter/Switch gear


Under 600 V, up to 200 amps *$126.00

* Minimum Permit Fee $167.00


Once all permits have been issued and the system has been installed, it must be inspected before final approval is granted. On-site inspections can be scheduled by contacting the Building Inspection Request Line (714) 765-4626 or online at Inspection requests scheduled by 11:59 p.m. may be scheduled on the following work day.

Inspections Required:



Electrical Service Meter


Electrical Final               


Utility Meter Spot Required:

Meter Spot Inspection Request Line 714-765-6847 or online:

A utility inspector will contact you within 2-3 business days and provide you with a simple diagram called a meter spot report.
Utility Department’s Meter Spot Report must be onsite at the time of Building Division’s inspection for installation, relocation, or upgrade of residential electrical service panel.

Contact Information and Resources
Anaheim Building Division
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Anaheim Public Utilities
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Anaheim, CA 92805