Traffic & Transportation

This division provides for mobility and safety of people and goods. Services range from increasing arterial street capacity by operating Intelligent Transportation Systems infrastructure, to providing traffic planning assistance for both local and regional transportation projects. These services fit into the larger City purposes by enhancing neighborhoods by protecting residential streets from excessive cut-through traffic; providing access to businesses to build a strong economy; enhancing safety through adequate intelligent transportation systems/traffic signal construction and maintenance, arterial signing and striping.
Harbor Morning

Community Partner

The Division of Traffic and Transportation is a community partner in shaping a livable city. We plan, manage, and maintain an effective and safe transportation system that provides mobility for people and goods as well as access to business and event centers. We keep Anaheim moving.

Traffic Signal & Intelligent Transportation Systems Infrastructure

The Traffic and Transportation Division operates the $59 million investments in traffic signal and Intelligent Transportation Systems infrastructure, including our 305 traffic signals, the communications system, and changeable message signs.

How Will You Get There from Here?

As population continues to grow, so do the challenges of transportation and mobility for the entire Southern California region. For Anaheim, the stakes are substantial and the City Traffic and Transportation Division details what lies ahead to keep residents and visitors on the move.

Improving Mobility for Travelers on the SR-91 Freeway

The SR-91 Freeway between Orange County and Riverside County is one of the most congested freeways in Southern California. OCTA and the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) have teamed up to assess multi-modal alternatives for improving travel between Orange County and Riverside County. The 18-month MIS will define short and long term transportation needs and examine a wide range of options for improving traffic flow between Orange and Riverside counties. Read more.

The Garden Grove (SR-22) Freeway is Greatly Expanding

The SR-22 Freeway is an essential east-west route that spans approximately 12 miles linking 5 major freeways in Central Orange County. With the Orange County population rapidly expanding, the SR-22 will not have enough capacity to meet current and future demand. The SR-22 Improvement Project will address this problem by increasing the number of lanes and implementing various other construction efforts to improve traffic flow, remove bottlenecks, and enhance safety. Read more.