Safety Tips

  1. Adult Crossing Guards

    Adult Crossing Guards are a supplemental means to assist elementary school pedestrians and are not a traffic control device.

  2. Marked Crosswalks

    The City follows state policies and the California Vehicle Code. Guidelines are outlined in the California Department of Transportation Traffic Manual

  3. Pedestrian Safety Tips

    You may be "screened" from the driver’s view by another car, a bus, or even a bush or a mailbox.

  4. Pedestrian Signals

    Questions are frequently asked about pedestrian signals which were installed to improve pedestrian safety.

  5. Railroad Crossings

    Read through some useful safety tips regarding railroad crossings.

  6. Speed Limits & Speed Humps

    Speed limits are often taken for granted and until a problem arises, most people pay little attention to the theory behind them.

  7. Stop Signs & Traffic Signals

    Each year, the Traffic Engineering Division receives many inquiries about installing stop signs or traffic signals as a way to reduce speeding.