Tree Trimming


Caring for Trees in Anaheim

Each year, we trim and care for 6,000 trees in Anaheim.

Maintenance of trees along streets, in parks and other public spaces is done across our city and in every part of our city.

Spanning west to east, tree trimming and other care is carried out in districts as part of a grid system laid over a map of Anaheim.

You can see the district grid map and look up your neighborhood here.

The system allows for cost-effective, efficient tree maintenance in all parts of our city.

Please note that Anaheim maintains trees in public spaces.

Maintenance of trees on private property, including in yards around homes and in and around businesses, are the responsibility of owners.

Benefits of Anaheim's Trees

Trees play a big role in making our city better.

They clean our air by capturing and removing carbon and other pollution and by producing oxygen we breathe.

Trees help cool homes, businesses and public spaces by providing shade. They also screen and insulate us from noise, helping to reduce the stress of urban life.

And, of course, trees are habitat for birds and other wildlife and help replenish our groundwater by minimizing rain runoff into our sewer system.

Partnering with Our Community

While Anaheim proactively maintains public trees across our city, we welcome and invite your help caring for trees in our community.

If you see a tree that needs trimming, is impacting a sidewalk or needs to be assessed for removal consideration, please let us know via Anaheim Anytime.

Anaheim Anytime is an easy, effective online form for reporting tree or other issues to us. All reports are addressed and followed up on in a matter of days, sometimes sooner.

You can access Anaheim Anytime at

You can also contact Anaheim Public Works at (714) 765-6860.

In case of an emergency involving a tree always call 911 or (714) 765-1900 for urgent, non-emergency matters.

List of Trees in Anaheim

Given the role trees play in our environment, we want to make sure trees in our city are a good match for Anaheim and thrive in our city.

Click here for a list of trees approved for our city's weather and environment.

Get a Tree!

You can get free trees for your home, neighborhood or Anaheim business.

For trees in your neighborhood along public parkways between the sidewalk and the street, you can contact Anaheim Public Works at (714) 765-6860 or request via Anaheim Anytime at

You can get trees for your home and business through the TreePower program from Anaheim Public Utilities.

TreePower has provided more than 50,000 trees across our city!

Learn more about TreePower here or by calling (714) 491-TREE (8733).