Drones in Anaheim

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We welcome the safe and responsible use of drones in Anaheim. But drone use and ownership can be confusing. 
Here are a few links to help you navigate the safe and proper use of your drone in Anaheim.

Questions about drone ownership and use?

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Anaheim's no-fly zone

Did you know that other than for public safety, aircraft and drones cannot fly above The Anaheim Resort? This federal no-fly zone extends 3.5 miles in each direction and up to 3,000 feet in the air. The no-fly zone  stretches nearly to Dale Street in the west, beyond the southern city limit into Garden Grove, up to the Riverside (91) Freeway to the north and to the Orange (57) Freeway to the east. 

That puts a large part of Anaheim off limits for drone use. Avoid the no-fly zone — and potential serious legal consequences — and explore other parts of our city instead. 
For more on the no-fly zone, click here

Be safe and courteous

  • Do not fly drones above sporting events, stadiums or large groups of people
  • Use caution when using drones around traffic
  • Respect people's privacy when flying in residential areas

Report a drone issue

  • Urgent threats to public safety or a crime in progress: 911
  • Non-emergency public safety concerns: (714) 765-1900
  • General concerns: (714) 765-5158