Sandbag Information

The Public Works Operations Division provides sandbags to Anaheim residents and businesses during inclement weather. The City provides a maximum of 10 bags for each single-family dwelling and 25 for multifamily or commercial complexes. They are available at the Public Works Operations Yard.

Proof of Anaheim residency or business ownership must be provided when picking up sandbags. Please note that only the bags are provided; fill materials are the responsibility of the recipient. If sand is not available, you may substitute dirt from your planters or yard. Additional sandbags and sand can be purchased at most major hardware stores and home centers.

General Information
  • Fill the bag about half full with soil or sand
  • Sandbags will rot in the sun-placing them out too early in the storm season may cause them to rot
  • Keep plastic sheeting available in case of an emergency
Access sandbagging placement and techniques.

For more information on sandbagging techniques and flood safety, please visit the OC Flood Division.