Water Main Replacement

The replacement of existing water mains within the City is an ongoing program. This program addresses the ever changing water use needs within the City, ensures adequate water flow for fire suppression demands and the replacement of pipelines reaching the end of their useful life. 
Lenain Pipe

There are several factors and considerations that are taken into account when determining the need for a water main replacement. Replacement of existing water mains are evaluated and prioritized based on the age of the pipes, pipe materials, internal and external stresses, pipeline performance, and pipeline leaks & breaks. To assist with this task, the City utilizes a comprehensive risk-based computer model to evaluate these many factors and prioritize main replacements.  As water mains are replaced and as additional field data becomes available the City has an ongoing program to refine the model and generate updated recommendations. 

When feasible, replacement projects are scheduled with other City improvement projects, such as Public Works street, storm and sewer improvements, to minimize pavement replacement costs and disturbance to residents and businesses.

Below are projects currently under construction:

  • Rural Ridge Dr Main Replacement, estimated completion: Winter of 2022
  • Santa Ana Street Main Replacement between S Atchison St and S Vine St, estimated completion: Summer of 2022
  • La Palma Avenue and Tustin Avenue railroad crossing main replacement, estimated completion: Spring of 2023
  • Imperial Avenue and Big Sky Lane Main Replacement, estimated completion: Summer of 2022
  • Cerritos Avenue and South Street main replacement, estimated completion: Winter of 2023
  • Citywide Vault Replacements, estimated completion: Winter of 2022
  • Citywide Valve Replacements, estimated completion: Fall of 2022

Please visit Anaheim’s Project ViewFinder for additional projects: