Home Utility Check-Up

Want to know how you can lower your utility bill? By participating in our FREE Home Utility Check-Up, staff will conduct a personalized analysis of your home energy and water use, and help you determine what actions you can take to be more efficient in your utility use. 

Please note that this is a FREE 

program and participation is always initiated by you, the customer. 

Staff will never actively visit your home or call you to solicit your participation, nor will they ever try to sell you additional services. If you ever have a question about someone offering a service claiming to be working in collaboration with Anaheim Public Utilities, please call 714-765-4250 immediately.

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  1. To schedule a home utility check-up

    Call: 714-831-0025 

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How to Apply

  • Contact our vendor, Synergy, by phone at 714-831-0025 or sign up online. We will schedule an appointment at your convenience.

How the Program Works

1. Indoor energy and water efficiency survey: 
Our expert will conduct a survey of your home and will ask you questions about your typical water and electric use patterns. Your home Check-Up will include an efficiency analysis of appliances, lighting, insulation, windows, and leak detection of all plumbing fixtures.

Additionally, we will install:
  • 5 LED light bulbs
  • Low-flow shower heads
  • Low-flow faucet aerators
  • Toilet dams and flappers (as needed)
  • Toilet dye tabs

2.  Outdoor water efficiency survey:

Our representatives will conduct a thorough outdoor irrigation survey, which includes:

  • Estimating landscaped area
  • Determining irrigation run times
  • Analysis and recommendations about current watering schedule
  • Check timers, sprinkler heads, micro-irrigation emitters, and bubbles for leaks, breaks, malfunctions, and inefficiencies

The landscape survey report will provide the customer with:

  • A recommended watering schedule and recommend any repairs that may be needed to improve irrigation system
  • Information about water-efficient landscaping and irrigation
  • Free hose nozzles, as well as other water saving devices
3.  A typical Home Utility Check-Up, including review and assessment, takes about one hour.

4. After your visit, you will receive a comprehensive personalized report by email or mail containing specific energy- and water-saving recommendations for your home as well as referral to other beneficial programs and services.


*Program participation is limited to once every 5 years. Subject to available funding.